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UNDP Eswatini on behalf of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) is looking for a Pricing Agent to carry out a Place-to-Place survey for the year 2021. The following are the requirements for recruiting the Pricing Agent.

  • Independent person with no past or present work experience with any of the United Nations Common System organizations and not an immediate relation of a UN Staff member (son, daughter, spouse etc).
  • Have an international shopping experience with knowledge of the local market.
  • Should preferably be an expatriate who has lived at the duty station for at least one year.
  • Should preferably be a woman in view of women’s experience in shopping.  
  • In cases where a qualified woman is not available, a qualified man could equally be recruited for the job.
  • Should have his/her own transport particularly at duty stations where personal transport I get to the outlets.
  • Should be conversant with English, French or Spanish to ensure proper interpretation of item specifications.
  • Possession of a University Degree is not a requirement. A High School Diploma or equivalent is sufficient academic qualification for the job.
  • Should be an adult, capable of enduring long hours of concentration and hard work.
  • Since the job requires interaction with outlet owner and workers, ability to communicate effectively would be essential.
  • The assignment is for a duration period of two weeks.