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Margaret Thwala-Tembe

Margaret Thwala-Tembe

Ms. Margaret Thwala-Tembe first joined UNFPA as an  SRH Programme Specialist in 2006. She briefly left the organisation and later rejoined UNFPA in 2014 as the Assistant Representative. In 2018 she assumed the role of Officer in Charge, where she is responsible for the daily management of the country office.

Prior to joining UNFPA, she served as Senior Lecturer at the Southern Africa University for more than 5 years before joining the NGO world where she headed the counseling programme at SWAGAA. She has also worked at  Yonge Nawe an Environmental NGO to initiate a programme on the link between health and environment.

Ms. Margaret Thwala-Tembe holds Bachelor of Science degree with Community Nursing and Midwifery from University of Zambia, and  a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Education and Transcultural studies obtained from the University of Wales Cardiff in the United Kingdom.

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