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Republic of Mauritius: Facts and Prospects

The Republic of Mauritius is a Small Island Developing State, located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. Classified as an Upper Middle-Income Country, a scan of the socioeconomic development landscape portrays multiple development inequalities that require attention and timely actions.

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State of World Population 2019

State of The World Population Report 2019

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The Power of Choice: Reproductive Rights and the Demographic Transition

Not so long ago, most people had large families: five children, on average. Where once there was one global fertility rate, today there are many, with differences wider than at any point in human history.

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Swaziland State of the Youth Report 2015

A collation of national demographic data and information on the youth population of Swaziland, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the realities and/or challenges faced by the young people.

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State of World Population 2016

Officially launched globally on the 20th October 2016, the State of World Population (SWOP) 2016 report, under the theme “10…how our future depends on a girl at this decisive age” explores how the 60 million 10-year-old girls in the world today represent both a challenge and an opportunity for the global community. 

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For People, Planet & Prosperity

The new development agenda and evolving funding dynamic call for new thinking, new partnerships and new ways of doing business. While our current financial situation, at least for now, may not allow us to do more, we can endeavour to do better—and we will.

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