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29 March 2021

It’s literally from rags to riches for young Mantfombi as fabric recycling gave her startup capital for a flourishing business

“Like many other young people in my area, I could not find a job after graduating. I could not even start a business as I had no startup capital,” stated 25-year-old Mantfombi Dlamini narrating how... Read more

22 March 2021

Dignity packs to help women and girls recover better from Cyclone Eloise

“This is a very kind gesture. I will not worry about my child’s nappies for a long time,” stated a joyful 25-year-old Samukelisiwe Mamba after receiving her package from UNFPA at Game 5 community... Read more

25 January 2021

A health facility assessment shows that persons with disabilities face challenges as they access health services

“People need to understand that there’s so much ability within disability and should therefore treat persons with disabilities with dignity just like they would treat others,” stated Nozizwe Mvubu as... Read more

20 January 2021

UNFPA ensures continuity of health services by donating protective equipment for Frontline Healthcare Workers

“One of our challenges is that we wear the same surgical masks for three to five days without being provided with new ones,” lamented a healthcare worker as quoted by the Times of Eswatini on around... Read more

24 October 2020

Dignity packs bring confidence to girls as they prepare for final exams

The year 2020 will go down as one of the worst years as far as learning is concerned. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, many children were deprived their right to education as learning institutions were... Read more

12 October 2020

Understanding the needs of the girl child, is key to problem solving - DPM

“It’s a special day. Every young girl should take pride in being celebrated. On this day we should celebrate their achievements and also find ways to help them overcome each and every challenge they... Read more

7 October 2020

Youth Bill: A Step In Right Direction For Strengthening Coordination of Youth Economic Activities

When asked what participating in the Youth Bill Consultations meant to her, 30 year old Nelisiwe Shiba from Mnyokane in the northern part of the Hhohho region, had this to say. “This is a great... Read more

4 September 2020

Prime Minister Engages Eswatini Youth in an Economic Recovery Symposium

When given the chance to meet His Excellency the Prime Minister of Eswatini, 22 year old Nonhlanhla Maziya from Siteki in the Lubombo region, saw it as an opportunity for raising concerns of young... Read more

2 September 2020


“Through selling clothes, I’m able to pay for my son’s school needs. I am also able to support my mother in buying food for the family. This pandemic has changed everything. I can no longer travel... Read more

12 August 2020
HAVE FAITH: Sizolwethu Maphanga gestures while making remarks as a Youth Representative during the International Youth Day.

Give us a listening ear, resources and some faith – Eswatini youth

In describing what it could take to meaningfully engage youth in the development initiatives in Eswatini, 19 year old Sizolwethu Maphanga mentioned these 3 things she considers as pillars. “We simply... Read more