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“As a country we cannot afford to leave young people behind because they are an important resource that will take the country forward. Youth involvement is a superfast track strategy towards the attainment of his Majesty’s Vision 2022. Young people possess the power and energy to take the development of the country to greater heights.” These were the words of the Honourable Minister of Sports Culture, And Youth Affairs Mr. D. Ngcamphalala during the media launch of International Youth Day activities this August with the theme ‘Youth Building Peace’. The UNFPA Assistant Representative Ms. Margaret Thwala-Tembe reiterated his words by stating that building peaceful, cohesive and resilient societies requires the full and meaningful participation of young people. The Chief Executive Officer for the Swaziland National Youth Council shared that the challenges young people face such as teenage pregnancy, unemployment and HIV and AIDS have to be addressed to enable them to meaningfully contribute to the national economy.


The Honorable Minister and UNFPA Assistant Representative being interviewed by the media during the launch© UNFPA Swaziland 2017

Swaziland National Youth Council (SNYC) CEO Petros Dlamini interviewed by the media during the launch ©UNFPA 2017