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18 September 2018

"We should be taught how to be a man and to be great partners"

“In safe spaces, as young men we should be taught how to be a man and [to be] great partners so that we curb gender-based violence and other social ills,” says Cebolencwala Dube, a mechanical engineering student from...

18 September 2018

“Safe spaces help us have difficult conversations as men”

“The community I come from is densely populated and has a high crime rate. Most young people are involved in alcohol and drug abuse, and most are unemployed. There is also a lot of gender-based violence,” says Ntokozo...

18 September 2018

“A safe space is where I don’t feel judged"

“A safe space for me is a place where I feel comfortable and don’t feel judged, and I can do anything without fear of what other people think of me,” says Nokuhle Dlamini, a peer educator and brand ambassador for TuneMe...



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