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Total Market Approach (TMA) Consultant

UNFPA seeks to conduct country specific studies in selected countries in East and Southern Africa to apply the total market approach (TMA) principles and methodologies to a range of contraceptives, as opposed to only condoms that will help design more effective programmes that better meet the contraception needs of all women in the region and contribute to universal health coverage. Swaziland has been selected to be part of the study as well. 


To assess country specific issues and contribute to the regional TMA assessment, country specific consultant is being sought to work under the technical supervision of the regional consultant, with overall guidance from the ESARO FP/RHCS team. The UNFPA Country Office will have administrative control of the respective consultancy work in each country.  The national consultant will enable the regional consultant to make country specific recommendations that national offices will use for advocacy and to generate consensus on the results and the way forward in each country. Most of the work will be done through literature reviews, questionnaires administered to country offices, stakeholders and telephone interviews, market data and information collection and analysis. 


The main objective of the consultancy is to assess the total market of reproductive health services and goods in each respective country and propose which goods/services would be suitable for what model of distribution and the target population segment. Deadline for application, 10 March 2017.